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Policies and Guidelines

Managed By Palmain Communications Inc., 81 SE 5th Street, Madras, Or. 97741   (541)475 3093



Services Provided By Madras Net

The internet services provided directly by include a connection to the internet with no long distance charges, an E-Mail account, space for a personal web page and Community information.  In addition, we are continuing to add more local information and links to sites of interest. All other services, such as chat rooms, file transfers, news groups and game rooms are located on the internet, available to all internet users.  You get these services through any internet provider.

Our office is open six days a week, from 9AM to 6PM and through E-Mail, you can obtain technical help during off hours.  We do not guarantee "no busy signals" as this is not practical nor possible for any provider.  However, we continue to monitor usage, and add additional modems when we determine that all our lines are busy for any length of time.   (We can provide you with a 24 hour connection with a dedicated modem and telephone line.)

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The Truth About Connection Speeds

Beware of promises of high speed connections and being sold super fast modems.  Most local phone lines were never designed to carry high speed data transfer.  The standard for most existing telephone lines is for a telephone connection with a small band width voice connection.  That means that there is a limit to the speed you can connect, no matter how fast your modem is! If you live very far outside Madras, you may find your connection is much slower than your modem is capable of working.  Your modem checks the line when it connects to see how clear the connection is.  If there is noise (all commercial phone lines have noise) it adjusts the speed to allow clear data transfer.

Even when you connect at a higher speed there is no guarantee of high speed data transfer.  Usually the trouble is not with your local service provider. Data transfer depends on other phone lines and how busy the phone lines  and service providers computers are.   At certain times of the day some sites are so busy that you will finally get a message that your computer could not connect.  If you have a question about the speed you are connecting please call us.  We can help you check.

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Service Provider and Equipment is managed from the office of Custom Computer Concepts, connecting through a local server, which is connected to a mainframe provider in Portland, Oregon. The system uses T1 telephone lines capable of transferring data at a very fast rate.  However, be reminded that the limitation is not in this equipment, but with the old copper wire telephone lines and the phone companies switching equipment.   We are continually adding more lines and modems to minimize busy signals to our customers.  Our modems are high quality and will accept data faster than you can connect.  Currently we are using US Robotics Courier V-Everything modems. 

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