Now available! Qwest DSL (digital subscriber line) is available through us, Palmain Communications, Inc.

You must have a Qwest phone line and be within 2-3 miles of the Qwest Central Office and your phone line must be "qualified" in order to get DSL service. DSL is approximately 8-10 times (and up) as fast as regular dialup service and comparable to cable internet. One advantage for current Palmain Communication, Inc. (MadrasNet, Palmain, and Mt. Jeff) customers is you will keep you current email address and password!

DSL service rates are divided between Palmain Communications Inc. and Qwest. Residential Rates are as follows:

Our Charges: 256x256  $19.95 per month          Qwest charges: $15.00* per month   = $34.95 per month


There is a one time Qwest charge for activation of $99.00. That is currently WAIVED!

*There is a monthly Qwest DSL modem rental charge of $5.00 or purchase for $59.99

Host and speed change charge now $9.99 (reduced from $30)

Commercial rates vary and are slightly higher.

Call for current specials and more info. 541-475-3093